Vaginal Rejuvenation

ThermiVa treatments deliver controlled thermal energy to gently heat the desired areas – external (labia) and internal (vaginal). The complete ThermiVa procedure includes 3 separate treatments over a period of 3 months. There is no downtime and no medications are required. Clients are comfortable, relaxed and very pleased with the noticeable results.

Non Surgical!

Restore your youthful self.


Once you are comfortable the single use disposable device is placed on each zone for 3-5 minutes: the left and right labia majora, and the top, bottom, left and right surfaces of the vaginal wall. Total treatment time takes less than 30 minutes. A complete course of therapy consists of three treatments with the device, at an interval of approximately one month. Most clients described the treatment as pleasant and very comfortable. You are able to resume all activity, including sexual intercourse, as normal, immediately after each treatment.  The heat sensation that slowly builds as the device is moved in a sweeping motion over each area is close to that of the heat sensation you get when hot wax is put on you at a waxing appointment.  It is hot, but not uncomfortable or alarming.* The constant motion also helps to create a very comfortable treatment.* Significant improvement will be seen in improved moistness and comfort, stress urinary incontinence, and orgasmic dysfunction, complaints of vaginal dryness and appearance.* All clients that have been treated with this procedure were happy about the treatment and results, and would undergo it again and recommend treatment to others. Some tightening results are visible immediately after the first treatment but the full outcome takes a few months to fully manifest. Outcomes last 9 to 12 months before a touch-up is required, so patients can expect to need an additional maintenance session once or twice a year.*


Women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s are all viable candidates particularly if you are experiencing any of the following issues:

  • You prepare for a sneeze by clenching your legs together so you will not accidentally urinate a bit.
  • You remember your orgasms coming quicker or maybe more often.
  • You need lube to comfortably have sex.
  • You are wearing a pantyliner on a daily basis – just to catch that tiny bit of urine.
  • You feel like you look as if you have been stretched and pulled in all directions.
  • You don’t feel as if there is enough friction between you and your partner when you have sex.
  • You worry about the dreaded “camel toe” if you are wearing tight fitting clothing.

Whether due to childbirth, aging, trauma, or genetics, women may have a variety of concerns with the function and appearance of their vagina. These concerns can affect both them and intimate partners, and too often, women feel that they have no options but to endure.

Vaginal rejuvenation can be the solution. BodyGoal M.D. offers proven treatments to address problems such as laxity, discomfort during sex, trouble reaching orgasm, and dryness. We provide advanced, non-invasive procedures that reshape and restore the vagina—without surgery or downtime.


We offer women vaginal rejuvenation that is gentle and non-invasive. Clients typically have three treatments over three separate months. The process takes about thirty minutes, and most of our clients describe it as a warm sensation that very tolerable.

During the procedure:

  • Your treatment provider targets several zones: the left and right labia majora and the top, bottom, left and right surfaces of the vaginal wall.
  • The provider focuses the device on each target zone for about five minutes.
  • The sensation is similar to the warmth you feel when wax is applied at a waxing appointment (clients say that it is hot but not uncomfortable or alarming).

After vaginal rejuvenation treatment, there’s no recovery time. You can resume normal activity, including sexual intercourse, following each session.


Our clients typically notice visible tightening immediately after their first treatment with comfort, control, and ability to orgasm to follow.* Because the collagen regeneration process takes time, it can take a few months to see the final outcome. At that point, clients report that their body looks and feels more like their younger self.

Improvements from treatment usually last 9-12 months before they require a touch-up to maintain results. Expect to have a follow-up treatment once or twice a year.

If you are dealing with daily discomfort or problems with physical intimacy, vaginal rejuvenation may be the answer. Schedule an appointment with our offices by calling 903-881-5165 or contacting us online.

*Individual results and experience may vary.